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January 2016

What Kind of Manager Are You?

By | January 21st, 2016|Career Advice, Leadership, Management|

What kind of manager are you? Or, better question, what kind of manager do you want to be? A manager is just a role, a title. Who are you BEING as a manager, as an employee, is so much more important than anything else. […]

Stop Telling People They’re Wrong

By | January 19th, 2016|Career Advice, Leadership, Self-Development|

The quickest way to piss off your co-workers, your boss, and your clients and customers is to tell them they’re wrong… EVEN IF THEY ARE! The short of it is, telling someone they’re wrong is just plain wrong.  Want to be a better manager, employee, parent, friend? I’ll teach you how… […]

The 5 Traits of Powerful Meetings

By | January 9th, 2016|Leadership, Management|

Tired of terrible meetings? Meetings where you just want to DIE? Me too. Meeting should have major impact, change lives, not put people to sleep. I’m going to share with you the 5 traits of powerful meetings so that, perhaps one day, the mindless time-wasting corporate meeting will be a thing of the past. […]

December 2015

Comfort Zone – Are You Too Comfortable at Work?

By | December 26th, 2015|Career Advice, Leadership, Self-Development|

Is your job AMAZING or just adequate? Do you think you’re happy at work or do you know, definitely? Does a cushy corporate job fill you with excitement at the thought of finally being stress free? You’re most likely on a one-way path to danger-zone, and Kenny Loggins isn’t going to be there to save you! […]

Lessons in Leadership – Santa Claus & Elf on the Shelf

By | December 24th, 2015|Leadership, Management|

It’s Christmas time and children everywhere are making sure they’ve been good for Santa! Along with Santa there’s now Elf on the Shelf to make sure kids behave. Even Krampus (Santa’s evil twin from Austria) is getting in on the mix. There is so much we can learn from Santa, and most of it bad. Get prepared to see why Santa should be the one receiving coal this year… […]

October 2015

Support: The Secret to Creating A Successful Employee

By | October 30th, 2015|Career Advice, Leadership, Management|

THE most important part of creating a successful team & company is support. If you think you understand what that means, chances are you don’t. You may think you do, but anyone can put on a smile and say “Good job!” True support changes lives. Read on if you want to know my secret to supporting success and changing lives… […]

Your Guide to Unlimited Vacation Policies

By | October 21st, 2015|Leadership, Management|

The adoption of unlimited vacation policies is on the rise, which sounds like good thing! Unfortunately, no one understands the reasoning and psychology behind them to the detriment of all. This article will focus on why unlimited vacation policies are superior, where almost every company fails at them, and how companies can remedy their policies in the future to create a more empowered, creative, and energetic workforce. Who doesn’t want that?! […]

Lessons in Leadership – The Competitive Mind of Meg Whitman

By | October 13th, 2015|Leadership|

Dell just acquired EMC for a record breaking $67 billion! What does this mean for the enterprise world? Dell-EMC’s biggest competitor is HP. Meg Whitman, HP’s CEO, sent out an email to her employees in an attempt to rally the troops. This email, unfortunately, paints a very negative picture for Meg Whitman, her employees, and the future of HPE. Read on to learn more about this common failure of leadership and what it takes to overcome it. […]

September 2015

The Volkswagen Scandal – How to Avoid the Darkside

By | September 29th, 2015|Leadership, Management|

Volkswagen is in a lot of hot water – their emissions scandal has rocked the auto industry. Many are calling it the next Enron. Everything was going so right for them. How could this happen?!? Could your company be next? It probably is. I’ll teach you how to spot the warning signs and right the ship before it’s too late… […]

April 2014

Lessons in Leadership – The Rise and Fall of Brendan Eich

By | April 7th, 2014|Leadership|

I generally stay away from politics. But in this instance we can all gleam a number of lessons from Brendan Eich’s naive yet purposeful ascent to CEO and his meteoric fall from grace due to public opinion. There are people arguing for and against Brendan for various political and personal reasons. Everyone is wrong; I’m going to explain why. […]

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