So you want to get ahead in your career? In your life? Well, I have news for you, if you were planning to fill your weekend with beer, movies, and sports, that’s not going to cut it.

Many people view the weekend as a time to relax, a time to decompress from the work week. You’ve had a hard couple of days at the office, your boss has been yelling at you, your kids have been screaming, and now you just want to flop on the floor.

There’s nothing wrong with this.¬†Taking a weekend to relax can be one of life’s joys. The problem is that, ultimately, you and everyone else are given 48 hours for this weekend (if it’s a holiday then make that 72). Every other person in your company, in your field, in your world, you’re all given the same weekends.

Why is it some people move ahead while others languish behind? It’s because those who move ahead do NOT view weekends as a time to relax. Instead, they view weekends as a time to recharge, to get re-energized.

Successful people use their free time to get in touch with their purpose, to motivate themselves towards greatness.

Other people, lazy people, use the weekend to watch the big game. I have a question for you, “Do you want to watch the big game? Or BE the star player of your own game?”

The choice is yours. There’s power in that statement. Knowing your success and failure is a choice… YOUR choice.

Going for success doesn’t have to be a drag, it doesn’t have to be¬†work. In fact, it usually won’t be work. Often times, the weekend is the only chance you’ll get to work on your dreams.

The times when you’re working on your dreams are usually the only times you feel truly alive, connected with your passions.

Your dreams aren’t imaginary. Do not disrespect yourself or your dreams by saying you can’t do this, or they’re just for pretend.

You have these dreams for a purpose. If your dreams didn’t have a purpose you wouldn’t have them!

Your dreams are calling you to action, take action today, right now. Use every moment of this weekend to move towards your dreams, to play in your dreams, to LIVE your dreams.

Without dreams, we are dead. Dead to the world and dead to ourselves.

This is why zombie culture has taken over modern America. Many of us are working dead-end jobs fulfilling someone else’s dreams, having forgotten our own. We are zombies. Soulless, dreamless zombies.

Wake up from your living nightmare! Embrace your dreams! And use this weekend to go after them full force!

Stop making excuses! Excuses have no value! In fact, excuses have NEGATIVE value because they rob you of what might have been.

Every time you spend a weekend binging on Netflix, or sports, or sleep until the afternoon, you are telling yourself you’ve given up. That you don’t want to live anymore. You’d rather watch other people’s adventures on Netflix than live your own.

Suicide by entertainment.

You have a choice, in this moment and every moment from now on.

There are things you want in life that you don’t have. There are places you haven’t been, things you haven’t seen, people you haven’t met, loves you haven’t had.

All of these goals and accomplishments you haven’t achieved yet, you never will, you know? Every weekend you waste is a weekend of goals that have gone unfulfilled. Every weekend you waste is a weekend you won’t get back.

If you tell yourself you’ll work on your dreams next weekend EVERY weekend, you’ll spend your whole life in the future waiting for something to happen. You’ll DIE waiting for something to happen. Stop waiting for something to happen and GO MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN! Now! Today! This weekend!

Are you going to spend the few precious moments you have left on this earth working on someone else’s dreams? Or, for once in your life, will you sit high on the saddle of life and ride powerfully towards your dreams?

It’s your weekend. It’s your choice.